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implementions of t9 technologies from mobile device to personal computer and laptop

Hi, My name is Yunus DEMİR and i'm the developer of this project.

The project come up from this question. How can i make typing more easyly? Because typing is most time-consuming thing for users (except who can typing with ten finger). Why typing is time-consuming? For example; if you want to type 'q' first of all you have to find it on the keyboard and keyboard has approximately a hundred button.
lets say you find 'q' and typed it after that you have to type 'm'. again you have yo find and as well you have to move your hand from 'q' to 'm' actually this is the time-consuming. because once is far away from the other.Whatever.

What is the Solution? --> Solution is T9 Technology
What is the T9? --> A predictive text input technology for mobile phones
How is it work? --> T9's objective is to make it easier to type text messages. It allows words to be entered by a single keypress for each letter, as opposed to the multi-tap approach used in the older generation of mobile phones in which several letters are associated with each key, and selecting one letter often requires multiple keypresses.
It combines the groups of letters on each phone key with a fast-access dictionary of words. It looks up in the dictionary all words corresponding to the sequence of keypresses and orders them by frequency of use.
As it gains familiarity with the words and phrases the user commonly uses, it speeds up the process by offering the most frequently used words first and then lets the user access other choices with one or more presses of a predefined Next key.
The dictionary can be expanded by adding missing words, enabling them to be recognized in the future. After introducing a new word, the next time the user tries to produce that word T9 will add it to the predictive dictionary.
The user can manually add words to the UDB (user database) via multi-tap. The implementation of the user database depends on the version of T9 and how T9 is actually integrated on the device. Some phone manufacturers implement a permanent user database, while others implement one for the duration of the session(from
How can i use it on computer? --> With numeric keyboard which is on the right side of keyboard.

Note: I gave Source code of application, you can download and use it.
If you feedback bugs to me, i will to be obliged to you.(

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